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Storage Profiles

All Storage Profiles

A Storage Profile specifies the access credentials and storage bucket / prefix for storing a snapshot in a cloud storage provider.

DBSnapper Cloud - All Storage Profiles
DBSnapper Cloud: Storage Profiles page.

The Storage Profiles page displays all the storage profiles you've defined. These storage profiles are used in the create/edit Targets page, where you can specify different storage profiles for the unsanitized and sanitized snapshots.

Create / Edit Storage Profile

To create a new Storage Profile, click the New Storage Profile button in the top right of the page. That will display a form similar to the Edit Storage Profile page below where you can define the settings for the Storage Profile.

DBSnapper Cloud - Edit Storage Profile
DBSnapper Cloud: Edit Storage Profile page.

On this page, we are editing the storage profile settings for an Amazon S3 bucket. The following settings are available:

Profile Name

  • Name: A unique name for the storage profile.

Storage Provider Info

  • Provider: This is a dropdown that provides a list of supported cloud storage providers. Currently, the supported providers are Amazon S3 and Cloudflare R2.
  • Region / Account ID: Depending on the provider you select, you will need to provide the region (AWS S3) or your account ID (Cloudflare R2) for the storage provider.
  • Access Key ID: The access key ID for the storage provider IAM account.
  • Secret Access Key: The secret access key for the storage provider IAM account.

Storage Location

  • Bucket the name of the bucket where the snapshot will be stored.
  • Prefix (Optional) - A prefix that will be added to the snapshot name when it is stored in the bucket. This can be useful for organizing snapshots in the bucket.