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dbsnapper load

Load a target snapshot to a database


The dbsnapper load command loads a snapshot to a database and takes a target_name and snapshot_index as arguments.

The target_name is the name of the target defined in the configuration file.

The snapshot_index is the index number of the snapshot to load.


If a sanitized snapshot at this exists at this snapshot_index, it will be loaded unless the --original flag is set.

The snapshot is loaded to the database specified in the dst_url parameter of the target configuration.


This is a destructive operation and any database that exists at dst_url will be dropped and recreated!

dbsnapper load target_name snapshot_index [flags]


  -h, --help       help for load
  -o, --original   Use the original snapshot instead of the sanitized version.


  • dbsnapper - Easy database snapshots for development and testing

Last update: December 13, 2022