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DBSnapper - Sanitized Database Snapshots

Faster development with sanitized production data

DBSnapper simplifies the process of creating database snapshots from production data that can be used for development and testing.

DBSnapper is an alternative to creating cumbersome development and test fixtures and allows you to use real production data for your development and testing purposes.

How it Works

Snapshot Image

Snapshot your database

Start by building a snapshot of your database using the DBSnapper CLI. Specify DBSnapper Cloud Storage Profiles to store the snapshot in your own private cloud storage.

Sanitize Image

Sanitize the sensitive data

Remove the sensitive data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from the snapshot. De-Identification is easy with DBSnapper.

Share Image

Share with your team

Share the sanitized snapshot of your database with your team straight from your private cloud storage. Speed up software development with realistic user data!


  • Lightweight DBSnapper CLI works locally and in your own private cloud.
  • Specify multiple target configurations to represent your databases and workflows.
  • Store target configurations and configure private cloud storage using the DBSnapper Cloud.
  • Sensitive data is encrypted in the local configuration file and in the DBsnapper Cloud.
  • DBSnapper Engines support using database tools via local install or Docker images.
  • Standalone mode always free, choose the DBSnapper Cloud for private cloud storage and team sharing.

Last update: December 13, 2022