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dbsnapper sanitize

Used to sanitize a snapshot


The dbsnapper sanitize command sanitizes the specified database snapshot and takes a target_name and snapshot_index as arguments.

The target_name is the name of the target defined in the configuration file.

The snapshot_index is the index number of the snapshot to load.


The target configuration must specifiy a query_file configuration parameter that specifies the name of the file (located in the working_directory) that contains the sanitization query

This command will use the database specified in the sanitize: dst_url: configuration parameter, load the specified snapshot into the database, and then sanitize the database using the specified query. If sanitize: dst_url: is not specified, the command will use an ephemeral database via docker container.

If you would like to create a new snapshot set (unsanitized and sanitized snapshots), you can use the -n flag. This will create a new snapshot set for the target.

If you want to force ephemeral sanitization, you can use the -e flag. This will force the command to use an ephemeral database for sanitization, overriding the sanitize: dst_url configuration parameter.

The resulting sanitized database will be dumped to a file in the working_directory specified in the conifiguration and will be associated with the snapshot.

dbsnapper sanitize [flags] target_name snapshot_index


  -e, --ephemeral   Create a snapshot using an ephemeral database via docker containers
  -n, --new         Create a new snapshot set for the target