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PostgreSQL Docker (pgdocker://)

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The PostgreSQL Docker engine allows you to create snapshots of your PostgreSQL databases running in Docker containers. Using the PostgreSQL Docker engine is an easy way to get access to the pg_dump, pg_restore, and psql tools that are required to create, sanitize, and load database snapshots.


The PostgreSQL Docker engine has been tested with postgres:16-alpine Docker image. But should be compatible with any recent version of PostgreSQL Docker image >= PostgreSQL 9.2.

Usage Notes

Specifying the PostgreSQL Docker Engine

To use the PostgreSQL Docker engine to create or load a database snapshot, use the pgdocker:// scheme for the source or destination target url as needed. For example:

pgdocker://username:password@host/database?sslmode=[require | disable]

The pgdocker scheme is abbreviated as pgd in the CLI and DBSnapper cloud