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Configuration File

The config file specifies your targets along with system settings such as working directory and secret encryption key.

Example configuration file

authtoken: $aes$8fc00dcfef1798be9e77ac90f58b4d9259f059940ec45603cdbf252650cc322e4f347aa7eaf88c9d693efac709e3a5fc9568799eaae6f846f907055444fcb0593bcfd647bd701303d038c99c
    mysql: mysql:8.0-oracle
    postgres: postgres:latest
secret_key: 1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef
    name: example_app
    src_url: postgresql://postgres:$aes$c953f1e81c98cd6a5bd546ee53a56de2bb906ab6f53477b35c264021d6db6e62e68c6963@
    dst_url: postgresql://postgres:$aes$a6b41b3e2eb78a24f66333d14d2ad0e739c1a84e6dc4cf6b58c30655fb2021190c6c12db@
    query_file: example_app.san.sql
working_directory: /Users/snappy/.dbsnapper    

Supported configurations

  • authtoken (string optional) - Auth token used to authenticate with the DBSnapper Cloud. Can also be provided via the DBSNAPPER_AUTHTOKEN environment variable..
  • secret_key (string[32]) - 16 byte hexadecimal string (32 characters) that acts as your encryption key. Created on init. Can be provided via the DBSNAPPER_SECRET_KEY environment variable instead of in configuration file.
  • working_directory (string optional) - Working directory used to store database snapshots. Defaults to ~/.dbsnapper
  • docker
    • images
      • <image_name>: <value> - specifies the docker image to use for a given database engine. default is postgres: postgres:latest see Database Engines for more information.
  • targets - One or more entries specifying a snapshot workflow
    • <target_name> - specifies the name of the target definition
      • src_url - connection string of source database
      • dst_url - connection string of source database: THIS WILL BE OVERWRITTEN ON LOAD!
      • query_file - specifies the filename of the query to be used for sanitization. This query should be located in the working_directory specified in the configuration.


A database specified on the dst_url will be DROPPED and RECREATED when the load command is used

Last update: December 13, 2022